Production Management

PROMEXSYS production management software

If you want real-time information about your business and are looking for easy-to-use, fully personalized and affordable software, you have found it! We tailor our fully customized software to meet the needs of micro and medium businesses. Unlike most software vendors, we don't provide a ready-made program but we offer one that is based on existing processes or habits, to create a fully customized system.


Clear and clear design, easy operation

It doesn't require any extra man to operate

A web application from anywhere

The platform can run on any device with a browser

It is entirely customisable to the operation and activities of the company

Unlimited users

It can be integrated into an existing IT system

Real-time production tracking and automated sending of information to partners

Process tracking from order to billing

The modules

Access control system (even biometric)

Payroll module based on access control system (automatic payroll creation)

Partner database and related manufacturing parameters

Warehouse database

Quotation module

Simplified view of operator mode (limited information, clear instructions, minimal administration time)

Production Plan (Daily, Weekly, Monthly View)

Manage orders (automatic feedback, statuses, etc.)

Finished goods module

Document management (delivery notes, test reports, worksheets)

Preparation of economic reports and post-calculations

System-integrated billing software (eg.

Label printing (QR CODE, BAR CODE)