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This revolutionary technology allows you to target different regions of your muscles that traditional gym exercise fail to do. The most effective way to gain muscle mass, harden your abs, flatten your stomach and improve your strength and dynamic balance.

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Revolutionary technology

Fit-Tire is a trend-setting, essential tool that fits into all gyms and training sessions. This innovative functional training device gives you all the benefits of tire training and cross fitness in one compact, unique equipment. With adjustable resistance users of all abilities are sure to get a great and efficient work-out.

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46+ Exercises

Balance training

Various exercises with Fit-Tire allow you to improve your balance with ease. Read more

Gaining muscle

Fit-Tire helps you to gain muscle mass, which offers a lot of advantages. Read more

Strength training

It is perfect for using resistance to build muscles and enhance strength. Read more

Color options

And there are more…

A member of our staff will be happy to inform you about the possible colors. More than 15 colors are available, we are ready to create you the most attractive Fit-Tire devices by using your own brand’s colors.

What people say

As the designer of the Fit-Tire fitness device I wanted to create a revolutionary fitness machine which is perfect for whole-body training. My aim was to create a device with small space requirements as a mini gym. All body parts can be trained either with the help of a personal trainer or clients can train on their own with the help of the support videos. The device is perfect for dual trainings or circuit group trainings.

Zsolt Safranka

Designer , Fit Tire

Working as a personal trainer I realized the advantages of the Fit-Tire fitness device immediately. It provides perfect solutions for training more clients simultaneously by organizing circuit trainings. It is also suitable for private personal trainings. My clients like the diversity of trainings and the fast results.
Fit Tire fits into all gyms as it has small space requirement. This fittness device offers a possibility of whole body workouts as it is like a mini gym. All muscle groups can be trained properly.

Tamás Simon

Personal Trainer , Fit Tire

I learned performance and discipline when I was on Hungary’s national gymnastics team. My time as a gymnast created the foundation I use to be the DJ and producer I am now. I’ve never stopped loving sport and efficiency and now I’ve found Fit-Tire Fitness. This is fully what I need and it makes my life complete! I’m in good shape, full of energy and stronger than ever.

Najah Cole

DJ and Fitness Trainer

My endurance improved a lot since I’ve been training with the Fit Tire. I like the various exercises with the resistance bands. The elastic bands are helping to improve my sense of balance meanwhile shaping my muscles. I love that it is never boring, there are always new challenges and a chance to improve and push myself to my limits.

Edit Olajos

Online coach and teacher