We use advanced 2D and 3D software to create designs for the components and steel structures we produce. From the completed designs we use CAD-CAM software to create the necessary programs for production.

Production Servers, Workstations (Robert Bosch)

Special laundry baskets (Robert Bosch)

Engine Block Masking Template Set (Audi)

Reverse Sensor and Headlamp Washer Plastic Component Painting Templates (SMP-SMR)

Painting Template Storage Trolleys (SMP-SMR)

Laser Surface Cleaning Machine Complete Housing & Frame (Green Laser System)

Mobile CrossFitness Park - Sun Hammock Islands (Hunguest Hotels)

Hotel Balcony Railing System (Hunguest Hotels)

Fitness Maschines (Fit Tire Fitness )

Barbecue tools (Galaxy Grill)

Stainless Polished Fitness Machine Stands and Machine Enclosures (E-Fit)

In addition to component design, we also design complete machines, workstations and our own products, which are detailed in our Products section.